Honorable Jim Sheehy '62 Expresses His Appreciation

Several years ago, I met Jim Sheehy '62 by chance in Charleston, South Carolina. He spotted me at Mass on a Sunday morning because I was wearing a U of D Jesuit shirt. We had a nice visit on the steps outside of church and then agreed to meet for dinner the following evening. He told me how much he valued his time at The High. To express his appreciation, he had made the school the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

jim-sheehy.jpgJim graduated from the University of Detroit-Mercy School of Law. He had a successful practice of law in Rochester, Michigan, and, for 19 years, he served as a District Judge in Oakland County. Since his retirement in 2000, he has been a mediator, arbitrator and senior visiting judge. He recently completed writing a book, Criminals, Cheats and Liars, now in pre-publication review.

Here are some of Jim's thoughts on his time at The High.

Fifty-four years ago, my mother drove me less than 10 miles from St. Scholastica to The High for an admissions interview. Principal Father Sullivan, SJ started me along an irreplaceable four year involvement in Jesuit education.

From Mr. Lotze, SJ, Mr. Rohr, SJ, and Mr. Dodd, SJ, through Mr. Stackable, Mr. Comer and Mr. Tenbusch, and finishing up senior year in the classroom of Brewerian French with the inimitable Fr. Paul Brewer, SJ; the foundation of my education was firmly fixed.

Later the University and Law School added the finishing touches, allowing me to have a successful career in the Law and the resources to raise a fine family with my wife, Katy. Our two children successfully completed their education; one now a college professor by means of her Doctor in Education and the other founded and directs an international business with his CPA background.

The only way I could properly say "thank you" to The High upon retirement was to gift a fully paid life insurance policy to the Arrupe Society. I probably could have used these funds many times in the last two economic downturns, but I feel better knowing that giving to The High was the right thing to do.

A Jesuit education is a very special education. I met a young U of D student a few years ago and told him to thank his parents every day for allowing him to attend The High. I could tell he was already a special person. Maybe my meager give-back will, in the future, allow another student to have a fruitful career and happy family life.

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